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Wire Fraud is Real Estate


Wire fraud is running rampant in Real Estate!  

Hackers are spending time trying to get into e-mail accounts belonging to real estate agents, escrow officers and title company representatives.  Once they get access to these accounts, they are looking for wiring instructions that they can manipulate so that you wire your earnest money deposit or funds to close are sent to unapproved accounts.  Below are some things that you can do to make sure the money you wire makes it to its final destination.


  • Be suspicious of e-mails requesting personal information - we will never ask for payment information or your social security number in an e-mail.
  • Use a secure e-mail provider - some e-mail providers are more prone to hacking than others.  Do your due diligence to make sure your provider is protecting you.
  • Before wiring funds, call the company that has requested the wire using a phone number from a source outside of the e-mail sent to you (contact list provided at the opening of escrow or paperwork mailed to you).  Confirm with them that the e-mail you received is legitimate. Avoid being fooled by hackers that have set up fake phone numbers so they can pose as the company you got the e-mail from.
  • The Clements Group will never send you wiring instructions!  If you receive an e-mail from us requesting that you send money to a specific account, please report it to